PTZ triggered to move to a preset position by another static camera motion detection
  • Hi everyone. Does anyone know how to have a PTZ camera move to one of its preset positions when another static camera on the same network detects motion?
  • You can do this easily with AppleScript - here's how:

    - From the Camera Info window, determine the number of the camera you want to control (click the header bar where you see the column names in order to enable the Camera Number column).

    - Open Script Editor (you'll find it in your /Applications/Utilities folder).

    - Create a new script and enter the following:

        ptz preset1 camera number X

    ...where X is the camera number you obtained in the first step.

    - Save this script to the location ~/SecuritySpy/Scripts (i.e. the Scripts folder within the SecuritySpy folder within your Home folder).

    - In SecuritySpy, go to Preferences -> Cameras -> Actions for the camera that you want to do the triggering, and select your script as an Action.

    - Make sure to set an appropriate schedule for the triggering camera so that it is armed and performs this action when you want it to (e.g. set it to the "Armed 24/7" schedule - see the Schedules section of the user manual for more info on this).
  • Works like a charm! Thank you!

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