Trendnet TV-IP551W setup
  • I've been trying to get a Trendnet TV-IP551W to work with SecuritySpy. I've had no problem with my TV-IP110W and TV-IP400W cams which show up in the Device Type list. This model does not. Can any one offer advice on setting up a custom "device type" or know if this cam will work with any other Device Type in the list? It does not support onvif.
  • Hi Robert, this camera should work with the "TRENDnet TV-IP512(P/WN), TV-IP522P" device profile in SecuritySpy - can you confirm?
  • I've tried all the Trendnet profiles. The one you mentioned gave an "authentication error." I did re-enter the user name and password after verifying they are correct by accessing the cam's web interface. Same error. Thanks for any advice you can offer. I am on version 2.1.2 of SecuritySpy if that makes any difference.
  • Hi Robert, if the authentication error is what is being reported by the camera, then this is usually an accurate message. Please double-check that you have entered admin login details for the camera into the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy. The fact that it is returning an authentication error rather than a "file not found" or other error is good news because it indicates that it is recognising the request, just that it is refusing to comply due to a bad username/password.

    If you still can't get it to work, please test it with the latest version of SecuritySpy to see if that works. You can test this in demo mode without affecting your existing 2.x installation (simply download and open it directly from the disk image rather than copying it to your Applications folder).
  • Ben - Glad to hear that's "good news." I triple checked the admin login entry, clearing and re-typing each time. I verified again by entering the cam's web interface using the same user ID and password. (Of course I made sure that CAPS LOCK wasn't on!) ;)

    I downloaded the 3.3 version of SecuritySpy to another computer (MacBook Pro) and it worked right away with the device profile you indicated (TV-IP512...). I'd upgrade, but the machine I have dedicated to this task is a little old PPC Mac Mini running 10.4.11. I believe in finding niche applications like this for my old hardware when possible and this setup works really well for me. It runs reliably 24/7 with little to no maintenance for long periods of time.

    Could SS 2.1.2 be applying a password filter before sending it to the cam? (i.e. checking for a certain length string?) I believe the Trendnet cams all seem to use "admin" as the user name without an option to change, so it must be the password?
  • Hi Robert,

    I'm not sure offhand exactly what changed in relation to authentication between SecuritySpy version 2.x and 3.x with the TRENDnet cameras, however from your description, this does appear to be a problem specific to version 2.x. I have therefore upgraded your license to version 3.x for free, and I have sent you an email with updated license details. On your PPC Mac mini you can use SecuritySpy version 3.2.1, which is the final PPC-compatible release of SecuritySpy.

    I hope this resolves your issue.
  • I ran SecuritySpy 3.2.1 in demo mode on the Mac Mini. It recognized all of the settings from 2.1.2. Unfortunately, it also returns the same error! I'll try 3.2.1 on my MacBook Pro and see what happens...

    ... It worked immediately when running under 10.9.2 on my 2007 MacBook Pro, but not on the PPC Mac Mini 10.4.11.

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