Remote relay of single camera feed
  • I have an eight camera setup (SS5) at my house. I can access all the cameras as expected using the SS app on the server system, the web interface, and iOS and tvOS apps.

    I would like to make ONE of the cameras available over the internet. I'd like to do this using a cloud server (Digital Ocean droplet, probably) as an RTSP relay so the camera isn't directly accessible to anyone. And I don't want clog my upstream connection with multiple feeds.

    Any suggestions?
  • The best solution to this is to create a special web account in SecuritySpy that has access to just this one camera. Then, give the URL to your SecuritySpy system (i.e. to whoever you want to allow access to view the camera, and give them the username/password for this special account.

    You can tailor the account permissions to exactly what you want to allow, and no more (e.g. live video viewing only, for this one camera only).

    With this method, there is no direct access to the camera itself; everything is going through SecuritySpy.
  • OK, that works, at least for a limited number of users. I'd much rather have just the video frame with no way to get to any of the other controls (even if they're disabled). But I can use this for now. Thanks.
  • Good to hear that will work. If you want to look at more custom solutions that allow you more flexibility over exactly how the video is presented, you might want to check out our blog post Adding Live Video To Any Web Page or our SecuritySpy Web Server Specification page, which describes the stream formats that SecuritySpy can produce (including RTSP streams, which you mentioned above).
  • Thanks for the pointers.

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