IOS APP: Unable to connect
  • Hello
    I just updated to 5.2.1, and I can't access it with SecuritySpy IOS anymore.
    The connection is made, but the server responds:
    Unexpected response from the server
    The server that respond is not SecuritySpy

    I also can't access it with RemotePatrol either. It connects, but displays "version: ??? and 0 cameras"
    Note that I use a personal certificate for SecuritySpy.

    Is there anything new in this version?

    thank you in advance
  • There have been some changes, but the 5.2.1 update has been tested with our iOS app and we haven't found any problems. To confirm it's this specific version only exhibiting this problem, could you please try SecuritySpy version 5.2 and let me know if that produces the same result or not.

    Then, please email us for direct help with this, because it sounds like a bug. If you can allow us temporary access to your system (just viewing privileges for one camera is fine) it would really help us to track this down.
  • Hi ben

    I just installed 5.2, and everything works, from IOS (SecuritySpy and Remote Patrol), without any configuration changes.
    It looks like a bug ...

    I will send you an email with access link.
  • I just created an account here to report this same problem myself. Running the latest version of the SecuritySpy mobile app on iOS 13.3, and getting the same behaviours.

    As above, I am running v5.2.1 (on Catalina 10.15.2), so I'll eagerly watch this thread for an update ;-)
  • Is there anything I can help with from a gathering info perspective?
  • Yes, to help us to debug this problem, please do this:

    - Open SecuritySpy 5.2.1
    - Open this page in a web browser (Chrome or Safari):


    - Save the page (File menu -> Save)
    - Email us and attach this file.

    Many thanks.
  • I've been following this thread because since I moved to a new house (and new router) I can't connect remotely. I tried the URL above and "Safari Can't Find the Server". I have no problem connecting to Indigo or the Home app.
    Please let me know if I should start a new thread.
  • Hi ben

    I try send you an email for 2 days, but I can’t because my email is tagged as spam :)
  • Hi @drs sorry about this, I've emailed you from an alternative (gmail) account, please could you send the delivery report so that we can look into this.

    @zoff - what you are describing is a different problem. This sounds like some issue caused by the new router (e.g. port forwarding). Please take a look at the Remote Access section of the installation manual, and if that doesn't help, please email us for direct help with this.
  • OK I believe this problem is down to incorrect character encoding of group names in the XML data that macOS SecuritySpy sends to iOS SecuritySpy to describe the server. If you have any special characters (e.g. "&" or "<" or ">") this may cause the interpretation of this XML data to fail, resulting in this error message.

    So could you all please check the names of your groups (Preferences - Groups) and, for now, use only alphanumeric characters for these names, until we can fix this bug in the next update.
  • That's sorted the problem for me - thanks!
  • Deleting and reinstalling SecuritySpy 5.2.1 fixed it for me.
  • Hi Ben

    I did have non-alphanumeric characters in the group names.
    I modified, reinstalled version 5.2.1 and everything works.
    Thank you :)
  • This should now be fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.2.2b1). Could you please all test this with your original group names to confirm. Thanks.
  • Just tested the latest beta, and seems to have worked. Thanks!
  • I had the same issue - with 5.2.1 the iOS app gave "unexpected response from server" but the web interface worked. I removed an "&" from a group name and now the iOS app works.

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