All settings gone upon update to 5.2
  • After updating to 5.2, SS opens in viewing only mode and none of my cameras and settings have been retained. I can still open 5.0.2b7 and things are normal.

    Is there a way to fix? The thought of having to redo 8 cameras, schedules, web servers, etc is not appealing!

    Running on 10.14.6 on iMac Pro.

  • Same here. Database gone after upgrading to 5.2.... Opened previous version from my Carbon Copy backup drive and the database loaded and it's working fine on 5.0.1. Running on Mac OS X 10.15.1.
  • After updating to 5.2 all my text overlays started flashing. very annoying. Database Ok.
    Running on a 2017 iMac 10.15.1
  • For the settings issue please do this:

    - Quit SecuritySpy 5.2
    - Hold the alt key, click the Go menu in the Finder, and select the Library option
    - Within the Library folder, navigate into Preferences
    - Locate the file "SecuritySpy Preferences v77" and remove it (e.g. drag it to the Trash)
    - Open SecuritySpy 5.2

    Does this work to import your previous settings? If not, please email us your "SecuritySpy Preferences v76" file, and we will analyse it to see what could be going wrong.

    If anyone needs to go back to the previous version you can download SecuritySpy 5.1 here.
  • As for the flickering overlays, this does appear to be a problem in v5.2 related to the interaction between hardware video decoding and Metal video display. Fortunately it's only a cosmetic issue, and is only affecting a handful of users. We're currently investigating and will have a fix soon.
  • Thank you Ben! Deleting the v77 preferences worked perfectly and I'm now running 5.2 with no issues at all.
  • Great to hear that @Spotopolis. I would like to find out why this happened in the first place. The only cause I can think of is if you used a v5 beta initially without setting it up, then went back to an older v5 release version and set that up. Then, when opening the new v5.2 it would have found and opened the empty preferences file created by the beta. Could this be what happened?
  • Hi @Unklmarty the problem with the flashing overlays should be fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.2.1b1). Please confirm.

    However, if possible, I would encourage you to turn off video recompression in SecuritySpy and instead use the overlays provided by the cameras themselves, as this will give you lower CPU usage and higher quality video.
  • As far as I can remember, I have done all the official upgrades since version 4.0 something when I bought SecuritySpy in February of 2017. I do often download the betas and try them, though I usually keep a copy of the latest official release just in case.

    It is possible I installed a beta and then went back an official release. I have never set anything up other than the first time, and when adding cameras.

    Other than that, I did recently switch from a single wifi router to an Orbi base/satellite system and had to set up much of my network again. Maybe it was in that switch?
  • The process outlined by Ben above corrected the issue.
  • Ben, I just had the same problem and fixed it by removing the v77 Preferences file. Here's a synopsis of events:
    1) I've been running SecuritySpy for years, only going to the official upgrades—no Betas.
    2) I left for a couple of days with all 11 cameras working fine (in motion detection mode, upload to servers). Upon today's return SecuritySpy 5.2 was hung up and unresponsive (spinning beach ball).
    3) I was unable to force quit, so I powered off my iMac (10.15.2) by the button and powered back on.
    4) When my iMac came up again and SecuritySpy was launched, it asked me for my registration number (it said trial over) and all my camera configurations were gone—nada.
    5) After reading this thread I removed the Preferences v77 file and relaunched—all good now.

    I just wanted to supply you with whatever additional information I could to help you troubleshoot the problem.

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