Dahua IPC-HFW4300S
  • I am having trouble getting the frame rates low enough to allow for SS to view the camera. I have tried numerous settings and still get a broken up screen with green stripe at the top. The lowest frame rate I have gotten it down to is 20 fps and still the same above. Currently hard wired through Airport Extreme and router is hard wired to iMac 2.4 ghz i5. Please help!
  • Got it to work, couldn't use 3MP resolution
  • Hi, this may be due to the limited speed/quality of the ethernet ports of your router.

    What we always recommend is a gigabit-speed switch as the centre of your network, with all devices (including camera, Mac, Airport, and router) connected to this switch via wired ethernet.

    Glad you got it to work, but if you're still having problems I'd recommend the above approach.
  • Just got me this camera to replace cheap Chinese camera. So far so good!
    Although I learned that camera would not switch auto form day to night mode.
    You can use schedule for camera to switch, but you have to manually change schedule.
    Unless you live on Equator - those parameters do change dramatically.
    I was trying to do an AppleScript to auto login to the web interface and upload changed DeviceConfig.backup file with new data (fairly easy to do since this a regular ASCII file).
    Curl does not help either.
    Did I miss anything? Is there other way to make camera auto switch?
  • Check all your settings... I have 3 of these cameras and they automatically go from day to night mode. Somewhere in the settings exist the place to turn this on...
    Log into the camera itself... Select Camera and then Conditions on the left side of the web page. You will see an entry labeled "Day and Night". Set this to Auto. Should work for you then.
  • Thanks doodah!
    Although Day and Night settings when set properly usually give much better picture results. But switching camera at proper time is a pain.
    I did write a small program - it does pretty good job. I described it here:
    It works for me and once every 5 days it changes Profile Management settings which is close enough. I can change them every day or once every 3 days. Anything.

    I did not found anywhere in settings to make camera switch automatically other than use full auto settings. It's a compromise in picture quality though.
  • Hi! I know this is a late reply, but I can confirm Ben's post. I have 4 of the 4300 cameras running on my home all connected to a Trendnet TPE-S44. I know this is only 10/100 but it works flawlessly. I have my airport connected to it as well. SecuritySpy is running on an iMac 3.4GHZ i5 with 32GB ram. I get 20FPS out of all cameras in 2048X1536 (3MP). I have been running this configuration without issues for almost a year. Hope this helps!
  • I just received four of these cameras. I can make them adjust to Day/Night automatically (tested in a dark room turning the lights on and off).

    What I cannot do is get the 3MP resolution to work with security spy. I haven't tried very hard and I have only tried the mjpeg mode and lowered the frame rate to 8. No luck. 1080 is good enough for me due to storage but I wouldn't mind having one run at 3MP. Would be a huge help in one instance.
  • I should add I am on a gigabit wired network with the exception of the POE switch 10/100 this camera is plugged into.
  • In the camera you have to use h.264 for the encode mode to be able to use the 3MP resolution in SS.

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