Dome or Bullet for side of house?
  • We want a camera on the side of our house to monitor right around the house, not the yard or the driveway.

    So it would need to be able to see downward (at almost 90 degrees) and possibly to the left (or right)
    It must go under an eave.

    Would folks recommend a bullet camera or a dome camera?
    We were planning on a bullet, but a friend suggested a dome.

    Thanks for any thoughts.
  • Hi Mac,

    If the camera is so high to be under the eaves, and you want such a wide angle, then any activity on the ground will be quite small in the frame - you may be better off with two cameras to monitor this area.

    As for bullet vs. dome, it sounds like it doesn't matter too much in your situation. If you want infra-red night vision, then more bullet than dome cameras come with this built-in. And in my experience it is easier to adjust the angle of bullet cameras once they are installed. Also, bullet cameras tend to be physically smaller, which may or may not be an advantage for you.
  • It would be about 7.5 feet off the ground, under the eave. A one-storey home.


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