Looking for Good Camera Options
  • Hi - I am new to home automation and I am looking to setup an arrangement of cameras. Specifically inside the house, preferably a good wifi camera that is not too expensive that can integrate well with SecuritySpy, and then an outside option that I am looking to hard wire.

    Any recommendations for good camera makes and models that have worked well for you would be great!

  • Hi - we have some camera recommendations in our example systems section of the Installation Manual, and also our 10 Recommended IP Cameras blog post.

    The Dahua Technology IPC-HFW2100 is a good choice for the outdoor camera. There are many choices for the indoor one - WiFi would work OK but if you can connect the cameras by wired ethernet this will give you better reliability and performance. In general the manufacturers that we like are Axis, Vivotek, Sony, Canon, Y-cam and Dahua. You can use our searchable list of supported cameras to find one to fit your requirements.

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