wireless Camera?
  • I currently have a Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I. Would some please suggest a wireless camera that is equivalent to this wired model without breaking the bank.
  • There aren't many outdoor cameras with WiFi - and in fact if you can run an ethernet cable to the new camera this will be a much more reliable solution, and will give you a much larger choice of cameras.

    However, if you absolutely need wireless, then your best option is going to be a Y-cam Bullet HD 1080

    Hope this helps.
  • You can also try trivision or sharx which appear to be clones of the Y-cams. There is also a new one by 'Spy Tec' (look on amazon.com) which reviewers say appears to be running a similar software interface to the sharx so the hardware may all be the same internally.
  • I have this exact camera and it was impossible to run ethernet cable to it... it was on a porch that had can lights and a fan. The fan can be controlled via remote control so I tied an electrical wall outlet into the power to the fan. Then I was able to power the camera using its 12v adapter. I took an Apple Airport Express unit and set it up to join a wifi network which makes both the ethernet ports on it then able to support devices over the wifi. I use this to provide ethernet to two cameras I have on this porch.. the other a HikVision mini dome. It is working very well. The only problems I have with this system right now is an under powered old mac mini. I don't see any green screen problems or anything that is problematic from either camera. Having can lights on the porch I was able to take one of those down to have access into the space above the porch ceiling. This let me hide all the wiring, wall outlet, Apple Airport Express, etc. that was needed to make this work. The size of the Apple AE made it fit putting it in the space above the ceiling through one of the can light openings. In the end its a clean looking install. I leave the power switch to the fan on all the time and turn the fan on and off using its remote control. It has also given me the ability to kill power and force reboots just by toggling the power switch inside to the fan. Although I haven't had any issues requiring that, but its a nice to have ability. I used professional electricians to actually install the power outlets and they managed to put everything exactly where I wanted it.

    I could have powered this also by tying into the power to the can lights themselves as I have Phillips Hue bulbs on my front porch and you leave those powered on all the time as well. They are zigbee controlled and you turn them on and off with a remote as well, and they are actually powered all the time.

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