Another Strange Camera
  • Ok I did it again I went and bought a camera that is not on the compatible list.. This one is a Foscam F1980E It claims to be Mac OS X compatible and say they are a member of ONVIF They do mention that you can view the camera only in 32 Bit Safaria and not Chrome Firefox of 64 Bit Safari. It turns out that you can see the same in both safaris but in neither case can you see the video only the settings

    I set it up in SS as a ONVIF use default settings from SS This defaulted to RTSP TCP and input 1
    I do not know what the input is suppose to correlate to...The stream types on the camera default to 0 and change here also kills the transmission None of the other settings seem to result in picture

    I get an image on Security Spy that alternates with a green screen then after about a minute it loses its connection

    I am trying to get an RMA but my emails to their refund, RMA and technical support only have gotten my offers of discounts on my next purchase There is no sign of the company on the forum My only help there has been a well meaning individual that can't seem to grasp I am on Mac OSX

    any thoughts would be appreciate

  • The F1980E doesn't seem to exist as a model number - what's the correct model number?

    What you are seeing (good video interspersed with green frames) indicates that the camera is understanding the request that SecuritySpy is making, but the video it is sending is corrupt. Make sure that the camera is running the latest firmware, and try both the "TCP and "UDP" options under the Format menu in the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy - some cameras prefer one over the other.

    The next thing to try, if you are currently connecting to the camera over wireless, is to connect it by wired ethernet directly to your switch to see if this improves things.

    If the above doesn't help, I would recommend returning this camera if at all possible. Aside from the above ideas there's not much else you can try I'm afraid.
  • ooops F18905E is the correct model number sorry

    I am connecting via ethernet and using TCP On UDP I get nothing

    OK I just wanted yo make sure I wasn't overlooking something... FOSCAM is VERY difficult to deal with

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