Canon VB-M600VE PTZ
  • Hello Ben,
    I'm just beginning the process of building/implementing a security system for our store and, being a Mac 'shop' came across SecuritySpy. An excellent piece of software.
    The first camera I acquired (before I found your software) was a Canon VB-M600VE. This unit purportedly supports Onvif, but SS can't connect to the camera and successfully download any profiles.
    I was able to get the camera up and running by using Manual configuration with a URI of rtsp://IP_ADDR_OF_CAM/profile1=r however I do not have any PTZ functionality.
    Have you any experience of successfully configuring this camera with SS?
    Many thanks - Anton
  • Hi Anton,

    Unfortunately there is a problem with the ONVIF communications with this range of Canon cameras. We're in touch with Canon and working out a solution.

    As this may take a while to resolve, I've created a new "Canon VB-M series" device profile in SecuritySpy that should work with your camera. I've sent you a link to an updated beta version of SecuritySpy with this addition - please report back and let me know if everything works as expected.
  • Thank you, Ben.

    I'll install the beta and report back.

    Many thanks again - Anton

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