can security spy do this?
  • What I would like security spy to do is run all the time and create video based on motion detection rules. However, I would only like to have it send me email notifications when it's set to "active." Possible?

    What I'm trying to accomplish is to enjoy the security of recording all the time but without filling up my email with notifications. I only want to receive email when I'm not home.

    Possible? If not.. feature request? :)
  • Motion detection capture and the actions (including email alerts) are all enabled when a camera is in Active mode.

    The best solution is to use an AppleScript to selectively disable the email alerts for the relevant cameras, and one to enable them again. This way you can easily toggle them on/off when you leave/return. Or you can schedule the AppleScripts to do this automatically at certain times of the day.

    Please see the "Camera Settings Change" example at the bottom of the AppleScripts Examples help page. Set the "sendEmailCheck" parameter to 0 to disable the alerts and 1 to enable them. Let me know if you need help putting together the scripts.

    Here's a useful blog post describing how to schedule AppleScripts to run automatically at different times of the day.

    Hope this helps.

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