Any ideas on a wierd camara
  • OK I went cheap and bought a dome camera from hong kong I think I did REAL bad but any hints would be appreciated

    Its a Zoneway by Ouku

    I saw a mention to settings for in SS for Onvif which this one says it is compliant.....I am not holding my breath but any thoughts would be great appreciated

  • It looks like a high-spec camera at a very good price.....if it works!

    It says it's ONVIF compliant so this would be the first thing to try. Firstly set up the camera on your local network according to our instructions.

    Then set up the camera in SecuritySpy as follows:

    - Open the Video Device Settings window
    - Create a new network device
    - Select ONVIF as the device type
    - Enter the camera's IP address, username and password

    If this doesn't work then try the following:

    - Change the device type to Manual
    - Set the Format to RTSP
    - Enter "live0.264" (without the quotes) as the Request

    Any luck?
  • On paper it looks good I can get the camera view up in SS
    and SS will use it for motion alerts.. I am almost there..The remaining issuing I have is with PTZ control.. This camera does not appear in SS list even though my non-pTZ camera does... The camera can support pelco-p and pelco d

  • when i say list I mean in the list of PTZ cameras
  • Hi Josh, can you tell us how you got the video feed working in SecuritySpy?

    I'm not entirely convinced that this camera actually has mechanical PTZ. The ebay page you linked to suggests that it does, however the close-up picture of the camera without the top of the dome looks like it's simply at a fixed position, and other references to this camera I have been able to find on other web sites do not mention mechanical PTZ.

    Are you able to control the camera's PTZ via its web interface? If you look closely at the camera, do you see the motorised mechanism?
  • I see what you are saying about the pic and looking the camera I really don't see anything that I would describe as "moveable" The video does come through on the ONVIF setup. Their web interface has PELCO settings in the parameters but the control keys remain greyed out. I have identified the PTZ and infrared as my leading issues to them and have not heard anything in 24 hours. Now it becomes an overpriced static cam. I may pop the cover to verify the lack the PTZ
  • Ok I see no gears looking back at the details of the listing although the total says PTZ there are no details hmmm I got taken.... looks pretty though
  • Hi Josh - if it's the ONVIF profile, then the camera would be reporting to SecuritySpy whether it has PTZ or not, and if the controls in SecuritySpy are greyed out then the camera is not reporting that it has this functionality. This, combined with your findings looking at the camera, suggests there is no mechanical PTZ.

    This is consistent with the price of the camera - mechanical PTZ mechanisms usually add a significant amount to the cost of the camera. You may still feel like you made a good purchase if the image quality is good, however the wording of the description is definitely misleading so you may want to contact the seller and/or report the listing to ebay.
  • Josh - it appears the title of the listing was edited yesterday - didn't it say "PTZ" in the title previously?!
  • yes they did edit the title... ut is neither PTZ nor does it have infra red but it down have a night vision scheme....the image quality is great They gave me a 30 refund but I mainly kept it because it was to hard to send back

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