best onvif, wireless, outdoor (mild) cameras?
  • Hi,

    I'm looking for three cameras for home usage (two front, one back deck). We currently have Foscams. They are terrible.

    The cameras will be under awnings, so no direct rain, but should still be weather-resistant.

    Preferably < $300 ea.

    Any recommendations? The Y-Cam YCBLHD7 looks great but are $350 and seem to be unavailable everywhere
  • (Adding these to the list...)

    Anran Blue Iris 2.0

    Trivision NC-336

    Also, I'd love for them to be as wide angle as possible. I did replace the lens on my foscam 9802 with a wider angle, but i am not sure if that will work on another camera.
  • Hi!

    The Anran camera you linked to looks like a WiFi version of the Hikvision 2CD2032. As such it is pretty safe to assume it'll work well with SecuritySpy. The Trivision camera you linked to looks like a rebranded Y-cam bullet camera.

    If you don't need wireless capabilities, check out the Dahua Technology IPC-HFW2100, it's a great-value high-quality camera (and in general, we would always recommend using wired ethernet rather than wireless wherever possible, for maximum performance and reliability).

    You mentioned Y-cam cameras: these are good cameras and most should be available from Amazon. They may be a little more expensive than other cameras but they have great feature sets (including wireless and audio, which are features very hard to find in outdoor cameras).

    Another option to check out: the DCS-2310L and DCS-2332L, which are inexpensive outdoor cameras made by D-Link (the latter is a wireless version of the former).

    Hope this helps!
  • I have an older model Trivision (NC306P) which has worked well for me for the past year or so, although I have never used any of their WiFi enabled cameras. Also, the Y-Cam, Trivision, and Sharx (all available on Amazon) all seem to be related since they all look identical and have the same specs so I'm guessing the difference must be in the firmware.

    Various lenses (2.8, 4, 6mm) seem to be available for the Trivision, so they are probably also available for the others. More than likely they are some standard type but I don't know which one.
  • Thanks Ben, I've ordered one Y-Cam and one Trivision. The Anran looks nice but i need it sooner. And yes I should do wired, but I can't yet.

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