Direct Sunlight & Sensor Damage
  • Recently, I contacted my camera manufacturer's chat line with a Q about direct sun on camera sensors. [Edited transcript below]. Do all camera sensors degrade, over time, when exposed to light; and even more rapidly if exposed to direct sunlight?

    Rex: I'm concerned that exposure to direct rays from the sun would damage the sensor.

    Support: Yes, it would degrade the sensors if it is directly exposed to the sun.

    Rex: I'd figured that noon sunshine, for instance, would be too much… but weaker sunlight?

    Support: Well over time, it would still degrade, even if exposed to weaker direct sunlight.

    Rex: Are we talking years, months, or what?

    Support: Well, it would depend on the sun intensity, but I would say a couple of months.
  • With the sun pointing directly into the camera (i.e.: you can see the sun itself in footage) then you're risking damage, especially with a camera that has an ultra-low light capability. Lenses in the camera focus the sun, just like burning something with a magnifying glass. Photosensors don't like that.
  • How about if the camera is not powered up?
  • Hi Rex - it's the heat that does the damage, so yes I believe that sun damage can happen even when the camera is not powered up. It would be best to install the camera at an angle where no sky is visible in the camera's view.
  • Yeah, it is true that direct sunlight on camera, more risk of damage, I personally affect from this. When i set up the camera in my shop, place it outside and the rays of sun places directly on camera and after sometimes problem occur in the visibility.

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