NULL when viewing captured footage on iPhone
  • Hi Guys,

    I have been using SS at two different locations for about 6 months, and must say I am impressed. I recommend this to anyone any day of the week over standard CCTV setups. Well done to the developers! It is my favourite software on the Mac.

    I am having this issue when I view the list of captured video on the iPhone, the list for each image/video states "(null)" on the first line. On the second line it correctly states the Camera Name and third line the size in MB which is fine.
    I can not understand why it says "null". To the best of my knowledge I have always seen this since the first day I installed SS. Correct me if I am wrong, but should I not be seeing the Date and Time. That would be nice.

    Any one has any ideas what I may be doing wrong?
  • Hello! Thank you for your kind comments about SecuritySpy and thank you for spreading the word!

    Can you please clarify - are you using a web browser as the client, or the Remote Patrol iOS app? Also, what version of SecuritySpy are you using, and if you are using Remote Patrol, is it up to date? Thanks.
  • I am using the Remote Patrol App.
    Latest version 2.11, Build 843
    I'm still using SS 3.1.1 though
  • Hi - this isn't a known problem even with the slightly older 3.1.1 version of SecuritySpy you are using, however it would be a good idea to download and install the latest version of SecuritySpy to see if that fixes it. Meanwhile, I will contact the developer of the Remote Patrol app to see if he can shed some light on what might be happening.
  • Hi Abid. I am the author of Remote Patrol. This is very unusual and the first I've heard of this. Can you tell me. What does this look like in SecuritySpy's web interface? Does the footage play in Remote Patrol regardless of the missing date and time?
  • Thank you Ben.
    RemotePatrol, Looks like I am the only one experiencing this weird error.
    Yes the footage does play in RP even though I am getting 'null'.
    However, sometimes it does crash when showing the list. Most times, it doesn't crash. Images on RP doesn't load up fine, but then again it couldn't have the 'null' as Images just show the actual images and not text.

    Friend's SS-3.2:
    My SS-3.1.1:
    Dad's SS-3.1.1:

    The first one is my friend's who I am convincing to purchase RP & SS. He is on v3.2 Demo, so it can't be an issue with me being on 3.1.1

    SS Web Interface:
    Friend's SS3.2:
    My SS3.1.1

    Hopefully together we can fix this.

  • Does the user have ALL authority in SecuritySpy "Web Server Settings -> Account Settings" ?
  • Yes in settings, everything is ticked.
    I downloaded the previous version of RP on my old 3GS, and I do not have this problem with the same user.
  • The only other thing I can think of to try is if you would setup a user id I can test with from here against your server. Please email me at if you are interested in pursuing this.

  • I have created you an account to access my SS. Access details have been emailed to you. Do post results here.
  • Just to update anyone else who may have this problem, I figured it out with help from Rob who definitely guided me in the right direction. It was in the iPhone settings -> General -> International.
    I changed region format from UK to US and then it worked.
    To test whether it was definitely that, I changed it back to US and it's still working. Couldn't figure out why. But it's working fine. If anyone else knows then please do let us know as it would be good to know.
    Thanks Rob. Appreciate your help.

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