Sony SNC-ER580 (External version) or Axis Q6035-E
  • Trying to decide between these 2 cameras: image quality being the main factor. (Outrageous that none of these manufacturers {across the board} bothers to provide Mac OS support -- other than in-browser.) Sony's a bit cheaper and the YouTube demos look pretty good.
  • Hi Rex, both these cameras are great, in fact the Sony was included in our 10 Recommended IP Cameras blog post. While we haven't done a direct side-by side comparison for image quality I would expect both to be top notch, and I'm sure you'll be very happy with either camera.

    We included the Sony on the list rather than the Axis due to its more competitive price point, although the Axis is not too much more expensive. One thing we really like about Axis is that they are very good about publishing their API for developers like us to support their products, so any new features in SecuritySpy (for example two-way audio rather than the current one-way support) will most likely appear for Axis first.

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