IZON / STERN camera compatibility
  • Hi Ben,
    Well, your solution for my Swann camera worked perfectly using the manual setup instructions you provided.
    Now I'm trying to set up my IZON view camera, to no avail.
    It does show up in the list of Network Device Addresses, and it "trys" to connect, but ultimately won't.
    Any ideas greatly appreciated.
  • Hi John,

    I'm afraid it's not good news. I have contacted the manufacturer of the IZON cameras and here is their response:

    "We currently do not have the capability of the video/audio stream with any other surveillance software. We are always looking to improve the Stem Products. We will continue to make suggested improvements from our Customers and keep them in the loop of all the exciting things happening."

    So, the camera doesn't have any features to stream video to third-party software such as SecuritySpy. It might be worth your while emailing them to request this. What we would need is standard RTSP streaming from the camera, then it would work with SecuritySpy.

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