Dropcam cameras
  • Hi, Can someone tell me if Dropcam cameras are supported by SecuritySpy? Couldn't find any information on this. Thank you!
  • Hi, unfortunately Dropcams are propitiatory devices that the manufacturer prevents from working with other software. I've asked Dropcam about support for RTSP streaming (which is the standard streaming protocol used in IP cameras and SecuritySpy) and this is what their support department told me: "at this time we don't support RTSP or enable any kind of local capture of Dropcam video."

    So it appears they are keeping their system closed to third-party software (which of course forces you to use their cloud storage system and pay their subscription fees.)
  • Thanks for the information. In that case, what would you recommend that is easy to use and low cost that works with SecuritySpy?
  • The D-Link DCS-2130 has similar specifications and cost, and is small, neat and easy to set up on a Mac with SecuritySpy. As is the Vivotek IP8132 and the Zavio F3115.

    If you don't mind spending a little bit more, have a look at the Axis M1034-W. Axis is a great manufacturer and everything is high quality, easy to use, and works great with SecuritySpy. And of course with SecuritySpy there are no ongoing fees, so you can justify spending a little bit more up front for the cameras.
  • I would also like to add that Sony has just released a low cost high quality camera that is wifi ready, the CX600W. This is their newest line of camera called the C Series. 720HD resolution, Two Way Audio, 120 Degree Horizontal viewing, LED, and edge on board storage (micro sd).

    I have this device already and the quality of the camera is much better than the Axis 1034-W. Although the CX600W is a few dollars more expensive, it's worth it for the extra features.
  • @andreF - does the CX600W work with SecuritySpy?
  • The CX600W looks like a nice camera. We haven't tested it ourselves yet, however it has ONVIF support so it's highly likely to work with SecuritySpy.
  • Thank you for explaining why the Dropcam won’t working, I was considering buying one.

    I too would like to know whether SS works with the Sony SNC-CX600W, specifically if the sound also works because our current 4 cheaper IP Cameras don’t forward any sound to SS despite having microphones.

    The D-Link has mostly bad ratings and is said to break connection often. Could you test a CX600W for us?

    Thanks a lot.
  • It's been a couple years since this question was asked -- are these still your recommendations, or are there updated models you would suggest as dropcam alternatives that will work with security spy?

  • Hi @sriley - our 10 Recommended IP Cameras 2015 blog post lists two high-quality compact cameras: the Hikvision DS-2CD2412F-I and the Samsung SNH-P6410BN. Both have the features of the Dropcam (and more), and work perfectly with SecuritySpy.

    Alternatively, search our list of compatible IP cameras, there should be plenty of models to suit your needs.

    Hope this helps.
  • As a Samsung owner, I can tell you that it's optics are great, it's WIFI is very very very poor. You'll be lucky to get 1-2 FPS where other cameras get a much stronger signal. I saw that review on the wifi come up elsewhere - it's just not obvious. So, for what it's worth, thought to mention it.
  • I had been thinking about a Dropcam but didn't like the reliance on a company's infrastructure and subscription costs to operate. Glad I found SecuritySpy; way more flexible! I've got it saving videos to Dropbox and the SecuritySpy's web interface is great. I'm using a simple USB camera with SecuritySpy on an old Mac Mini for now.

  • Thanks for the feedback Ryan - glad to hear you discovered SecuritySpy!
  • I am planning to purchase Dropcams, thanks for sharing information which helps me to think again. Actually i am already using the N5012 3S 2Megapixel/H.264, with great quality and now to want to purchase other one.

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