Allnet 2281
  • I like to use my Allnet 2281 Camera with SecuritySpy.
  • This camera should certainly work. Please try the following:

    - In the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy, create a new network device.
    - Set the device type to "Manual".
    - Enter the camera's IP address but leave the Port field empty.

    Now there are two options:

    For JPEG:
    - Select "HTTP" from the Format menu.
    - Enter cgi/mjpg/mjpeg.cgi as the Request

    Or for MPEG-4 (this is probably what you want):
    - Select "RTSP" from the Format menu.
    - Enter mpeg4 as the Request

    Please try both the above options and report back to tell us what works. If neither works, there are other things we can try.

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