UCam247 compatibility
  • I've tried a few cheap IP cameras (FOSCAM and low end D-link) and ideally looking for something that has IR, 720p and audio. I've come across the UCam247 which seems to tick all these boxes and isn't too expensive but cannot see if it is compatible with Security Spy. Has anyone tried it out or can recommend an alternative (don't want to spend more than £150). Thanks!
  • I been using the ucams for a while now and they are certainly great little ip cams. I don't personally use security spy (as I have my cams set up to record to a NAS) but recommended the cams to a neighbour who does use them with security spy. There is no listing for the ucams in security spy but I know he got them working simply by selecting the manual add option, as the url streams are all available from the camera interface.

    Hope this helps.

  • I've had a look at the user manuals for the UCam247 cameras and the stream requests are as follows:

    H.264 stream: live/0/h264.sdp
    MPEG-4 stream: live/0/mpeg4.sdp
    JPEG stream: live/0/mjpeg.sdp

    So to set this up in SecuritySpy:

    - In the Video Device Settings window, create a new network device.
    - Set the device type to "Manual".
    - Enter the camera's IP address but leave the Port field empty.
    - Select "RTSP" from the Format menu.
    - Enter the appropriate request from the above list in the Request box

    Hope this helps.

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