Upgraded new router - cameras not discovered
  • How can I find the iP addresses of the cams. They no longer connect after upgrading from Apple Extreme to TP-Link router. All other devices on the network (over 30) connect fine, but not my PoE cams. Appreciate any tips Thanks.
  • Apparently they are on a different subnet from the new router.
  • If the subnet has changed, but the cameras are all set to fixed IP addresses on the old subnet, then they will become inaccessible. Have your cameras been set to fixed IP addresses? If so, then the easiest solution is to change the LAN subnet in the new router to match that of the old router (and make sure that the router's DHCP range does not include any of the fixed IP addresses that have been set). Almost all routers have this setting. If you have problems finding this setting, please let me know the exact router model, and I will check the user manual for specific instructions.
  • Ben I contacted TP-Link re my AX6000 install. His suggestion was to use port forwarding. Does resetting the camera restore it to the original IP address? Still the original IP addresses of the cams is on a different subnet than the AX6000. Thanks for your help.
  • Port forwarding is for allowing incoming access to devices on your network from the Internet - that's a solution to a completely different problem.

    If the cameras are on a different subnet to your router (and therefore to all other devices on your network that use DHCP), you must either change the IP address of your router to the old subnet, or you must change the IP addresses of your cameras to the new subnet. I would suggest that the former is easier.

    According to page 72 of the AX6000 user manual:

    "The router is preset with a default LAN IP, which you can use to log in to
    its web management page. The LAN IP address together with the Subnet Mask also
    defines the subnet that the connected devices are on."

    So, it looks like what you need to do is change the IP address of the AX6000 router to match the old subnet. I believe the default IP address of the Airport Extreme is (subnet 10.0.1) - can you confirm that you used this default setup previously? If so, you would change the IP address of your new router to to match your old router, and everything should then work. Basically you want to set the new router to the same IP address that the old router was set to.
  • To answer your question: for some cameras, resetting them switches them back to DHCP mode, in which case they would then obtain an IP address from the router automatically and then be visible on the network. However, for some other cameras, they would then switch back to a static IP address which may or may not be on your subnet, so they may or may not then be visible. And in both cases you have lost any other settings on the cameras.

    The other thing you can do is to temporarily set your Mac to a static IP address on the old subnet. Then you will be able to connect to each camera (via a web browser) via its fixed IP address, and set it to use a new IP address on the new subnet. You then set your Mac back to its previous IP settings to put it back on the new subnet. This is an alternative to changing the new router's IP address.
  • Yes I did use the default IP address of the Extreme, and all the cams had static IP addresses 10.0.1.xx range. Thanks I'll try one or the other of your suggestions. Rich
  • Ben changed router IP address to and my cams are back. Thanks Rich
  • Great to hear that!

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