Extra camera folder, with number in title, created on video storage drive?
  • Hi Forum, team,

    On my storage drive, apart from the two folder that have the same name as the camera (driveway and garden) there is also another folder that I did not create; it is garden_2584. Does this have a special purpose? What caused it? It looks as if storage of files is distributed between garden and garden_2584.
  • This happens when you change the name of a camera, but SecuritySpy is then unable to change the name of its corresponding capture destination folder, for example if this happens:

    - Create a camera called "Garden"; SecuritySpy will create a corresponding folder called "Garden" for the captured files.

    - Delete this camera.

    - Create a camera "Cam"; SecuritySpy will create a corresponding folder called "Cam".

    - Change the name of the camera from "Cam" to "Garden"; now, SecuritySpy can't change the name of the "Cam" folder, because the folder "Garden" already exists from before.

    When this happens, SecuritySpy renames the older folder to "Garden_X" where X is a number, and will then be able to go ahead and rename the "Cam" folder to "Garden".

    This doesn't come up often because it's a rare series of events. I would advise you to simply delete the "garden_2584" folder - if there is no camera with this name, then it won't be being used by SecuritySpy at all.

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