Lack of audio
  • Although my PTZ camera (KKMoon) claims to do audio and has all the controls - and SecuritySpy also thinks there's an audio stream, it doesn't actually work (or is at such a low level to be useless). Is it possible to use a microphone (eg. USB) to augment the sound of a video channel? Or at least record in such a way that it's convenient to edit them together in post?
  • The latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.2.3b7) has a volume control under Preferences -> Cameras -> Audio that can boost the volume of audio coming from IP cameras, so you might like to try this. Note that (at least currently) you have to also enable the "Recompress audio data" option under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device in order for the boosted audio to actually be written to captured files, rather than for it just to take effect for live audio.

    The other thing to check is if your camera actually does have a built-in microphone. Many cameras that advertise audio functionality don't have built-in microphones but rather have audio input ports where you must connect an external microphone in order to get audio.

    Alternatively, SecuritySpy can record any other audio source (e.g. a USB microphone) along with the video from this camera to its captured move files. Simply select the audio source you want to use under Preferences -> Cameras -> Audio.

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