Vivotek IB8360-W - if you are a Mac user don’t buy this camera
  • Just purchased a Vivotek IB8360-W. Came with no doc. Researched it on the web and found that the only way to set this camera up is using software that runs on Windows only. They have no Mac software. Been trying to get ahold of their tech support for days and no response. Camera has no Ethernet port so it’s basically a boat anchor for me. Very very disappointed with this recommendation
  • How about trying it using some virtualisation software such as Virtualbox or Crossover, this may help you get it on the network, and then hopefully be able to find a SS profile that will work with it.

    In the past I had a similar problem but was able to use VLC to confirm I was receiving a stream and then it was just trial and error but managed to get it working with SS
  • Sorry to hear you've had problems with this. This is the first Vivotek model we've seen without an Ethernet port - if it had one then it would be easier to set up. However, you do not need a Windows machine to set up this camera - below are instructions from the camera's user manual. It appears that the camera makes available its own WiFi network, which you can connect to from your Mac or iPhone in order to initially connect to the camera to configure it:


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