iOS app shows No Cameras
  • I have just set up securitySpy on a fresh MacMini, having had it running on another MacMini.
    I have changed the webserver name and DynDNS name as it would not let me use the same name despite my disabling the application on the original Mini.
    Apart from that all other preferences are the same including log in name and password, and the same camera is being used.
    The application is functioning as it should on the computer. Live camera view and motion capture triggers work and it saves captures to the correct location.
    But the iOS app on iPhone and iPad just show No Cameras.
    Same issue if I log into the webserver in Safari.

    Any ideas please?
  • This sounds like a permissions issue with the web account you have set up in SecuritySpy. Go to Preferences -> Web, edit the web account you are using, and make sure it has permission there to access your camera(s).

    As for the DDNS name, if you enter your license details (the same ones you were using on the previous Mac) then you should be able to use the same DDNS name (if you want to). The DDNS name is tied to the license name.
  • Thanks Ben this is now working.
    It didn't occur to me to set the permissions on the new machine, I don't recall doing so previously. I guess I must have.
    And yes the original DDNS name does work, now I have put the registration details in.
    Thanks again.

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