Possibility of sending JSON data?
  • any chance we can get some of the Web API calls to return items in JSON to make life a little bit easier? For example, the systemInfo call would be most helpful to have return a JSON response so we can check status with other systems.
  • Sorry, this is unlikely. These web calls are designed mainly for our iOS app, which uses the XML. What application are you looking at using this for that requires JSON?
  • Well, it's really for my home automation system, it has a really nice built in JSON parser, but no XML parsing. I was not suggesting to replace the returns with JSON, just to give an option to return in a different format kind of like you do on some of the calls, for example:

    HTML/XML page containing list of sounds

    Request format

    format - the format of the returned data: "html" or "xml"

    Returned data
    An HTML or XML page with a list of sounds installed in the SecuritySpy server with links. Clicking on a link will play the sound on the server computer.
  • Yes, if we were to do this, it would be via some kind of "format" option added to the call. I'll see what we can do in a future version, but I can't promise anything.
  • Thanks Ben, appreciate you even considering it.

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