SFTP Error
  • Hi Ben,

    I'm having trouble with the SFTP upload option through SecuritySpy.

    I'm on MacOS 15.4, running a SFTP server with the "SFTP Server" app from the AppStore through port 22. Remote login is turned off in the "MacOS SystemPreferences" panel.

    With Cyberduck I have no problems at all connecting to the SFTP server. With Transmit however, with the same credentials, I get a time-out. When filling the credentials in SecuritySpy and pressing "Test" it gives the following response:

    "Error 1315,88794 sftp>"

    The log of the SFTP server shows:

    "INFO: Session < username >@/< source IP >:64676 authenticated" (the same happens with Cyberduck. Having no problems at all with Cyberduck. Transmit gives a different server-log.)

    The weird thing is that my server works totally fine when using Cyberduck. Would you have any suggestions?

    Best wishes,

  • PS: turns out transmit has the same problem with a SFTP connection with my webhost. The iOS app "FTPManager" can login with my SFTP server as well.
    PPS: would there be an option available to change the standard port (22) in the future?
  • Hi Nico, I've just sent you an email with a debug version of SecuritySpy for you to run, that will output a log that should allow us to find out what is going wrong.

    As for the port, you can add this after the address, for example:

  • Ben, since updating OS X this afternoon to 10.15.4 from the previous minor version, SS has been unable to connect to my SFTP server (error 1315,88794). I am however able to login to the SSH server via Terminal, using a key without a password.

    The ECDSA key fingerprint being reported to me by SS in the Preferences/Uploads/Test results is not any of the fingerprints I have in the known_hosts file. nor is it in the list returned by ssh_keyscan to the server.

    -- update

    tested the latest beta (5.2.3b8). that solved the problem.

  • Hi Gregory,

    Thanks for reporting, yes this was broken by the latest macOS update, and fixed in the latest SecuritySpy beta update. We're planning an official 5.2.3 update soon.

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