SecuritySpy and Wyze PTZ Cam operation/support
  • I am trying to determine if SecuritySpy will serve my needs before I purchase. While the pricing model seems steep, I like the UI and functionality it offers and would be willing to pay if everything worked flawlessly. I have several Wyze PTZ cameras with the Wyze RTSP-enabled firmware.

    In Security Spy, I can config/display these cams only with manual config. But in doing so, I do not have PTZ functionality. Is there any way I can use the PTZ functionality of the Wyze cams in SecuritySpy?

    Also, SecuritySpy seems to lose its connectivity to these cams every so often (every few hours for a few mins). It doesn't appear to be an issue with the cam as I am able to access the feed via the Wyze phone app as well as VLC RTSP on my laptop when SS shows them offline.

    I'm not eager to install OpenPIC or some other firmware on the cams as I understand it introduces other issues like losing 1080P as well as Auto-Night Vision.

    I am hoping I am just overlooking something that makes this solution work. I would appreciate understanding your experiences with using Wyze PTZ cams and SS. Thanks in advance.

  • As far as I can tell, PTZ control is not possible with the RTSP firmware. Wyze themselves haven't published the PTZ commands, and others discussing the same issue in other forums have not come up with any solutions. I have contacted them to ask about this, and will post back here if/when I hear anything from them.

    In terms of the loss of connectivity, this will most likely be a temporary issue with the network or the camera. When the connection drops, SecuritySpy will continually try to reconnect to the camera until it comes back online (first it will try to reconnect immediate, then every few seconds, then subsequently at progressively longer intervals up to 30s). So if the camera is offline for more than a few seconds, there may be a short delay between the camera coming back online and it showing in SecuritySpy.
  • To follow up on this, I have just heard back from Wyze about this, and here is their response:

    "Currently, we don't offer any support for controlling the pan and tilt of a camera via third-party apps or through RTSP access. We apologize for any inconvenience here"

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