Using IFTTT to stop/start continuous capture
  • My home security system integrates with IFTTT. Every time the status changes to Away, I want to begin recording continuous capture. Every time the status changes to Home or Standby, I want to stop recording.

    In the FAQ "Triggering SecuritySpy from IFTTT," it says "to trigger recording" and gives "++triggermd" as part of the URL. OK, that will begin recording (presumably), but what URL can one use to stop recording?
  • The example in the FAQ (Does SecuritySpy integrate with IFTTT ("If This Then That")?) demonstrates how to issue a motion trigger from IFTTT - the "++triggermd" request will cause a motion trigger that will start recording, trigger actions etc.

    Instead, in order to start and stop continuous-capture, you will need the following two commands:



    The first request sets the continuous-capture mode for camera 4 to the "Armed 24/7" schedule (thereby starting continuous recording). The second sets it to the "Unarmed 24/7" schedule (thereby stopping continuous recording).

    Recording setting for Continuous Capture should be set via Preferences -> Cameras -> Continuous Capture.

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