Pet Monitor Style Cameras
  • Hi all, looking for some advice.

    Just started out with Security Spy and so far loving it, I have 2 HikVision Cameras a 4mp and an 8mp and are performing so much better than their native solutions.

    My issue is that I've also got ARLO cameras which are used to monitor the dogs when we're not home as have had an issue with them barking. I'm looking for relatively cheap solution as need a few cameras but with 2 way audio that works with Security Spy. I found a number of REOLink but have read these tend to have issues with SS, I then found EZYViz which is apparently part of HikVision but then read these seem to be a locked system although the doorbell version is listed as working.

    Ideally if the cameras are available to purchase through Amazon UK, as with the current lockdown getting items is starting to prove difficult.

  • Yes unfortunately the Arlo and EZViz cameras, and others app-based cameras of the same ilk, are locked-down systems with their own proprietary streams, that can't be used with SecuritySpy. And you are correct to avoid Reolink cameras, as these have issues.

    For a small camera with two-way audio, Amcrest, Hikvision and Axis have some suitable models (e.g. Amcrest IP2M-841EB, Hikvision DS-2CD2442FWD-IW, Axis M1065-L). Out of these, Amcrest would be the cheapest option (but they still work well).

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