trigger action only on human detection
  • Hi, Anyone know if there is a way to trigger an action ONLY if a human is detected?
  • Here's how to set this up:

    - Under Cameras -> Triggers, under "AI: trigger Actions at these prediction thresholds", drag the Human slider up to around 80. Leave the Vehicle slider at zero.

    - In this same window, make sure the "Enable video motion detection" is enabled. Use a sensitivity of around 50 and a Trigger time of 1-2s (i.e. the default settings).

    - Set up the Actions you want for this camera, under Preferences -> Cameras -> Actions.

    - Arm Actions mode for this camera (see Schedules)
  • Thanks Ben! followup question, i was trying to script something like "enable human detection during daytime hours, but at night monitor all motion." In looking at the scripting, i can set the motion sensitivity, but not the AI triggers, is there a way to do that?
  • Hi Ben,
    I've set up per the suggestion above and i am still getting some motion triggers that are not human. When i get the email alert it shows the trigger condition as:
    "triggered by video motion detection"
    instead of:
    "triggered by human detection"
  • This does appear to be a problem with the reporting of the trigger reason in emails, whereby it will report "triggered by video motion detection" even though a human was (also) detected. This should now be fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.2.3b2). Please confirm.

    As for scheduling different settings at different times, this is possible using a combination of Automator and Calendar events:

    In Automator, create a new Calendar alarm.

    In the Calendar alarm, add a “Run Shell Script” item by double-clicking on it in the second list on the left. As an example, the screenshot below shows a simple script that disables a camera - you will just need to tweak this to adjust other settings such as the AI thresholds.

    To turn off AI for camera 0, here is the shell command:

    curl -d 'cameraNum=0&aThresholdH=0&action=save' http://user:pass@localhost:8000/camerasettings

    To turn on AI for camera 0 by setting the human detector threshold to 80, here is the shell command:

    curl -d 'cameraNum=0&aThresholdH=80&action=save' http://user:pass@localhost:8000/camerasettings

    Make sure to substitute the correct username/password for an admin account into the above URLs.

    When you save this, it will go into the Calendar app as an event. Simply set this to repeat, and set the time(s) you want it to trigger via Calendar.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks Ben, i had completely forgot about using web calls and was looking for a way to do this via apple script. the web calls work better for me. thanks again!

    I will post by experience with the beta as soon as i get a chance to test.
  • Hi Ben,
    trigger notifications seem to be working correctly now on the beta. thank you for the quick solution!

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