Broadcasting (web) over HTTS has stopped
  • I realise this is a very open question initially, but I figured I'd start here and the drill down if required.

    In short, after doing nothing to the machine SS is run on, nor SS itself, I can no longer access the broadcast of connected cams via HTTPS.

    In the web setting panel, if I now tick "Enable HTTP server" I can access the cams remotely using port 8000. But nothing I do seems to allow me access anymore using https over port 8001.

    If I try to use a browser to connect over https I get a refused connection error message.

    Anyone any ideas?
  • And after not working for three days, within 30mind of posting that, without doing anything to anything, it's working again.

    Either this forum is somehow magic, or there is one huge coincidence going on.
  • When this was working initially and then stops working, nine times out of ten it can be fixed by a reboot of the router and the Mac running SecuritySpy. Often it's the router's fault, and a reboot will sort it out. In any case I'm glad to hear it has started working again for you.

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