Motion Capture - Trigger other Camera
  • Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, but I have two cameras with slightly overlapping areas and want a motion detection trigger on camera 1 to trigger a motion detection on camera 2. Therefore I have gone to Camera 1 'Actions' and set 'Trigger other cameras' to camera 2...but when I test it camera 2 is not being triggered. I'm currently moving my system to a new mac so have two instance of SecuritySpy running (v5.2.2 demo on the new build and v4.2.12 on the old system) but I can't seem to get it to work on either.
  • If you want camera 1 to trigger Motion-Capture recording on camera 2, then Actions mode has to be Armed on camera 1, and Motion Capture mode has to be Armed on camera 2. Is this is the case? If you think you have set this up correctly, and it's still not working, then please email us and include screenshots of your setup, as well as the Debug file (SecuritySpy menu -> Debug submenu -> "Create Debug File On Desktop").
  • Didn't arm the actions...thanks for the help.

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