PTZ Automation via Applescript
  • For future reference, the excellent AppleScript examples shown here: mentions the possible use of CronniX to schedule scripts to be run at certain times. Unfortunately CronniX is a 32bit app, will not run in MacOS Catalina, and appears to have been discontinued.

    There are alternatives for automating AppleScripts. I’m using Power Manager from Dragon Systems Software Ltd (DssW) in the UK. I have several scripts to automate the movement of my PTZ camera. Their inexpensive program can be found here:
  • You can also setup a schedule with Automator, included with macOS, to trigger a ptz command along with other actions.
  • A great method:
    Make your script with Script Editor and save as an app, export App.
    Open Calendar and make a New Event. Set Alert to “Custom” and choose “open file”.
    You can use the repeat option to repeat every day, weekends, etc.

    I suggest creating a new calendar labeled “Scheduled” so that you can toggle the view on and off to eliminate excess events shown.

    This is how I found to schedule tasks natively with the macOS. Check out Automator to schedule tasks also.

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