JideTech/Hikvision Presets
  • Hello,

    I have two JideTech/Hikvision PTZ cameras installed. I created and tested presets in their web interfaces. When I try to execute a preset in SecuritySpy nothing happens. Using the Onvif preset.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Also Ben, thanks for the latest upgrade. The Amcrest H.265 bug fix is much appreciated.

  • Also, when I say JideTech/Hikvision they are basically Hikvision cameras re-branded as JideTech. They sent me the technical manuals which are Hikvision manuals :)
  • Could you please try the "Hikvision" Profile setting (under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device) in SecuritySpy to see if this makes the presets works?
  • mustangthz - in Preferences / Device tab make sure you've checked the Options box: "Disable Pan/Tilt/Zoom for this device" for all cameras that are NOT PTZ; and of course don't check the box for your PTZ cameras.
  • Ben, I switched to the Hikvision Camera settings and get an Unrecognized Request.

    Switched back to Onvif, no presets, but PTZ works fine though.

  • 1. go to the camera's web interface
    2. log in
    3. go to Settings
    4. PTZ function
    5. Set the user mode to "MILESTONE"
    5. the presets already work :-)

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