How can I use the 3x optical zoom feature with the Shenzen NEO coolcam NIP-31BHEW3A0Z3
  • Hi,

    I successfully use this cam with the "Wansview" setting and I can pan and tilt and set and call PTZ presets, however the zoom cannot be accessed. Any ideas how I can make this work as well?

  • Hi Frank, try the "INSTAR" profile in SecuritySpy, this uses the same video stream and pan/tilt commands as the Wansview profile, and it has additional commands built in for Zoom. Does that work?
  • Hi Ben,

    that has worked great. Thanks for your help. The only unexpected behaviour is that pressing the "+" button on the PTZ control window zooms out and pressing the "-" button zooms in. I would have expected it the other way round. But as I know that, it is really not an issue.

    By the way, it is the same with all the arrow buttons, i.e. pushing the arrow pointing to the left makes the camera move to the right.

    Thanks again for your help.
  • In that case please try the "Apexis" profile, which has the zoom controls reversed.

    There are so many of these types of cameras out there that respond to virtually the same commands, but for some reason there are subtle changes (e.g. left/right commands are reversed as you have encountered).
  • Hello, rather than open a new thread for a similar issue, I thought I'd comment here. We recently purchased a TRENDnet TV-IP627PI to replace the horrible V1 Foscam 9821IW. so far it has been a joy to setup and configure for SecuritySpy. The only issue is when using the SecuritySpy integrated PTZ controls, either from the web interface, or logged into the server, the + and - buttons for the zoom controls will cause the camera to go through a recalibration motion which sets it back to the home position. I've looked everywhere, but can't find a reason for this.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!
  • Hi, do you mean the TV-IP672PI? This camera doesn't actually have an optical zoom feature, so SecuritySpy will not be able to control the zoom for this camera. It's strange that the camera would react to the zoom commands in such a strange way, it should simply ignore them.

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