Dashboard graphing issues with v5
  • First of all, congratulations on the release of v5. I'm loving the AI motion detection triggers and looking forward to what the future has to bring.

    Now for my problem... (BTW, for me today is July 8)

    I'm seeing issues with the Dashboard and graphs being drawn. Specifically, I installed v5 on July 2 and I have data visible in the Dashboard (graphs draw as expected) for July 2 through July 4. If I move the date selection to July 5, 6, 7, or 8 no graphs will draw in the Dashboard.

    There seems to have been data collected for the Dashboard on July 5-8 because I don't get the "NO DATA" indicator that shows when I move the Dashboard date selector to dates prior to July 2 or past July 8.

    SecuritySpy has been running continuously since v5 installation on July 2 and I have Continuous Capture movie files as would be expected for all of my cameras covering the full time SecuritySpy has been running. No problems there.

    Any thoughts on why my Dashboard seems to be collecting data but will not display it (except for the first 3 days of v5 run)?

    Again, thanks for the hard work on v5. After another week or so of testing I will definitely be buying the upgrade.

  • Hi Terry, this sounds odd - it's not being reported by anyone else so I can't immediately say what is going wrong.

    The data files used by the Dashboard are stored in ~/SecuritySpy/Daily Statistics/ (within the SecuritySpy folder within your Home folder) and are labelled with the date in the format YYYYMMDD. Could you please email us a couple of these files for the affected days, and let us know specifically what data isn't being displayed that should be.

  • As requested, I have just mailed my Dashboard statistics files.

    Oddly, July 5 - 8 still will not display graphs (July 2 - 4 still do) but this morning I find that July 9 does properly display graphs.

    There has been no reboot of the computer or restart of SecuritySpy (though I did try restarting SecuritySpy to see if that would make any difference prior to my first forum post).

    Hope the files can offer you some insight as to what might be up.

  • For anyone else following this, this problem is now fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.0.1b3).
  • Thanks for the ultra-fast response!

    I can confirm that the Dashboard graphing issue I had is now fixed. All data displays as expected.

    Thanks again for the quick fix.


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