Change SS license description from “Per Camera” to “Per Stream”?
  • My Axis m3047-p camera (6 MP mini dome with 360° panoramic view) can produce 2+ separate streams. Per Ben, each stream needs its own license to record, so 1 camera can use multiple licenses.

    As of now, the purchase page shows “1 camera”, “4 cameras”, etc and doesn’t explain that one camera might need more than one license. Maybe it'll be more clear to explain the license is per stream? Thanks

    RE: Per Ticket 47500

    “For SecuritySpy to recognise two streams as being from the same camera, all device settings must be identical for both instances.

    If any device setting is different (e.g. stream number), then the second instance will count as a a different camera. This is because if any device settings are different, SecuritySpy cannot know what the second instance is from the same camera.”
  • Thanks for the feedback. I see what you mean, but "per stream" isn't quite right either, because you can have two streams from the same camera (with identical settings) without it counting twice towards the license limit (this is useful for some users if they need more flexibility than offered by the standard per-camera recording/notification settings).

    "per camera" is the easiest to understand and is correct for 99% of use cases, so I'm not sure how we can improve this description.
  • I'm experimenting with streams so I can capture locally in higher res than remote.

    How does SecuritySpy know if it's counting cameras or streams — is it based on the IP?
  • It's based on the address, ports and input number (and if manual configuration is used, the request). If any of these items are different, it is possible that the second instance is actually different camera, rather than a different stream of the same device.
  • So if I'm using 2 streams from the same camera (address and ports are the same), I'll be using another license?
  • If you are using two identical streams (all device settings the same), this only counts as one camera for licensing purposes.
  • Unfortunately I'm not — I've set 1 stream to high res for local capture, and a 2nd stream to low res for remote upload.
  • Yes, unfortunately, in this situation, there is no way for SecuritySpy to tell if the second instance is a different stream from the same camera, or if it is an entirely different camera, which is why it has to count as an additional camera for licensing purposes.

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