Amcrest DVR
  • We been using a Amcrest 960H for our outdoor cameras and the unit finally died. We replaced it with a 8ch (had a 4 before) Amcrest 1080-Lite since we didn't need the cameras or the HD. Can't get it to work with SecuritySpy now. Anyone had any luck with one of these?

    And Ben, I know you guys usually don't support low end units like the Amcrest so if it don't work it don't work LOL.

  • Hi Steve, Amcrest have a fairly consistent API (based on Dahua's), so I'd be surprised if this didn't work. What happens when you try this with the Amcrest profile in SecuritySpy? If there are any errors reported, what are they? It's also worth trying the Dahua profile if the Amcrest one doesn't work.
  • Hi Ben,

    The Amcrest profile comes back with: Unexpected Data
    The Amcrest Qcam, 960 comes back with: Unrecognized Request
    The Dahua's profile comes back with: Unexpected Data

    I have tried by leaving ports blank, and putting ports in. Username and PW are correct.

    Still no go :(
  • Oh, and I even tried manual settings using the parms that BlueIRis uses:

    Here is how BI has it configured:


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