1st Time user - Foscam C1 issues - Any advice appreciated
  • Hi

    Just running the 30 day trial - want to connect up all my 7 cams to it and run Security Spy from Indigo.

    But run into a road block.

    I have 4 Foscam C1 cameras all identically setup and all running with other software etc.

    The only difference between them is their IP address.

    The C1s are

    I can connect 172 and 173 but not 174 and 175.

    The setup in Security Spy is identical, no trailing spaces etc.

    Just really weird.

    172 and 173 connect using the Foscam H264 AND ONVIF profiles

    172 and 173show up in Auto Discovered devices - 174 and 175 don't

    I suspect a config with 174 and 75 cameras - need to work out how to access config through webpage (all 4 cameras currently stuck in cyclic log in bug )
  • OK found it ....

    After much much faffing around and three computers and two browsers later managed to login into the Foscams...... Boy they like to make it really hard.
    Had to use a Windows machine, Windows 10, of course the Internet Explorer by default won't let you access local IP addresses - just can't 'see' them. It is a default install of Windows so not too sure why they do that. Got around it by using Chrome. But that required a download from Foscam that Sophos declared as malware.....

    Wow I had forgotten how hard Windows is - still it allowed access to Foscams, couldn't get my Macs to do that....

    Says more about the quality of Fiscal software than anything else...

    But was able to turn on ONVIF and all is good with the world.

  • Good to hear you managed to sort this out. Yes, the Foscam firmware/software is quite poor unfortunately. However it should be possible to configure the cameras in Safari if you install the Foscam plugin, like this:

    - Use Safari to connect to C1 camera
    - Click the link "Plugins are not found, click me to download"
    - Locate the plugin package plugins.pkg in your Downloads folder
    - Right-click on the package and select the Open option
    - Go through the installation process, then quit and reopen Safari
    - Log on to the camera again

    It's annoying that a plugin is required, but this at least should give you access to the camera settings without having to use Windows.

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