Google's new app password, email no longer working
  • I tried setting up SS with Google's security that generates a specialized PW for an app.

    My settings are:

    SMTP server (with and without :465)
    (special PW created by google)

    I'm wondering if google is looking for the subject line to match in order to use the PW? How does Google know the email is triggered by SS?'s coming from my, to me so therefore doesn't need the special PW.

    I'm using the PW because I was getting emails that I had an unsecured app that had access to gmail.

    thoughts appreciated
  • I've just tested this and it's working for me. The settings you describe seem correct, but there must be some configuration problem somewhere.

    When you generate an app password, google gives you a 16-digit password. Make sure you are entering this correctly, with no spaces. The "From" name can be anything you like, so "ALERT" should be fine. You don't need to enter a port number with the SMTP server address (just

    When you click the "Test" button under Preferences -> Email in SecuritySpy, what is the error or message displayed?
  • I will double check my entry today. I might have a related problem though.

    Could this cause SS to close unexpectedly?

    Happening at least once a day. Nothing unusual in the SS log. The crash report:

    Process: SecuritySpy [13965]
    Path: /Applications/
    Identifier: com.bensoftware.SecuritySpy
    Version: 4.2.10 (4.0)
    Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
    Parent Process: ??? [1]
    Responsible: SecuritySpy [13965]
    User ID: 501

  • This shouldn't be related, but I would like to have a look to see what could be causing this. I'll need the full log - please attach it to an email to and include a link to this forum discussion.

    These logs are located in the ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ folder (within your user folder).

    To get to the Library folder, hold the alt key while clicking the Finder's Go menu, and select the Library item that will appear in this menu.

  • Ben, thanks as always.
    I deleted the old PW, generated a new one and typed in (vs cut/paste) and everything worked fine. It must have been the spaces.

    I've also sent you the log regarding the other matter.
  • Great to hear that, thanks for reporting back.
  • Ben, still getting the occasional crash. Any update on the last email (Ticket 48035) sent on 7/15?
  • Hi @brenna, I've checked ticket 48035 and we're still waiting on the right logs from you (the last communication on that ticket was my message on 19th July asking for logs). If you can supply these then we can continue investigating. Thanks.
  • thought I sent them on the 13th. I get them to you today. Thanks.
  • Ben, did you get the logs?
  • Ben, FYI: I turned off Spotify and Airfoil to see if that was causing the problem but it continues to crash. I then turned off the audio on each camera and it's been running fine for a week. Likely info that you already knew but just in case.
  • I did reply on the 13th - sorry for the delay, I haven't had a chance to fully investigate this yet as it's not simple unfortunately. Yes, it is something to do with audio processing, so it is not surprising that turning off audio from the cameras has prevented the crash. I will look into this soon and will get back to you via email. Thanks for your patience.

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