Control4 and OS3.0
  • I just updated my Control4 OS to the new 3.0 and my SecuritySpy driver doesn't appear to be working correctly. In composer, the driver connects to the SS server and I can choose the camera from the pull-down list. However, the camera picture doesn't appear in the Control4 application as it did with the previous version. However, if, in composer, I double click on the camera, choose mjpeg from the pulldown menu, it works - in composer only. If I use the pulldown and choose h264, it fails. My guess is the app is trying to use h264 and is failing? I tried to change the picture format in SS preferences for that camera to mjpeg to match a format that works in composer but it still won't work. Have you experienced this? Thank you, Don
  • I wanted to let you know that I deleted the driver, rebooted the system and added it back in and now it works. Apparently not an issue with the driver. Sorry for the false alarm.
  • Thanks for reporting back, glad you got things working after the reboot and driver reinstall.

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