Mac Upgrade question
  • Currently running security spy on an older mac mini server with a quad core i7 processor. I think its the 2011 model with the 2.0 GHz quad core i7.

    Running 33 cameras at 6 fps and this takes up a lot of the CPU. I run a plex server and indigo for home automation. Occasionally rip with handbrake so i have to shut off security spy when i do that. Desperately need a new computer.

    Want to upgrade to a new mac mini or a new imac.

    I realize that that 8 core i9 in the imac would be more powerful then the 6 core i7 in the mini, but is there any gain from the radeon pro 580x card in the imac as well?

    And secondly, would stepping up the graphics card to the radeon pro vega 48 take some of the stress of the cpu? I guess this is my real question as it adds another $400+ to the computer

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Custer,

    The graphics card only makes a difference if you are frequently displaying video from multiple cameras to the screen (e.g. if you have the "All Cameras" video window open a lot, or are displaying many cameras in full screen mode). If you generally have the video windows closed, then the graphics hardware isn't too important.

    Even if you make heavy use of the video windows, I would say that for SecuritySpy, a $400 investment is best spent on the CPU rather than the graphics hardware.

    Our SecuritySpy system requirements calculator will help you choose a suitable Mac for your setup.
  • Thanks.

    I was already assuming spending for the maxium cpu available. Was wondering if bumping up the graphics card would help


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