Security Spy and Mac sleeping
  • Can someone explain the expected behaviour if Security Spy is running and the Mac goes to sleep - do the cameras keep running ?
  • The Mac must be awake for it to do any actual processing, and this includes running SecuritySpy. So when the Mac goes to sleep, everything stops, including SecuritySpy. Therefore we recommend you leave the option in SecuritySpy's Preferences to "Allow automatic computer sleep" turned off, and whenever you want SecuritySpy to continue running, you should not manually sleep your Mac.
  • Thanks
  • FYI, some Macs have trouble sleeping. I've had issues with RAID5 systems dropping disks because of an iMac sleeping when it was set not to sleep. Used an app called Amphetamine to force the Mac to stay awake, no more RAID5 failures. Might try Security Spy's feature to force the awake state instead. See if that also works.


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