Vivotek Video Servers (VS8100-vs, VS8401 and VS8801) and SS
  • I'm interested in converting my customers' analog camera systems into SS systems but would like to use their existing analog cameras. If I use the 4 or 8 camera model video servers from Vivotek, is each camera simply its own stream? So that in SS I just use the same IP address of all cameras (the video server) and then choose which stream I want and add that as an individual camera? And SS is compatible with all 3 models? I see options for the VS2402, VS2403, VS3100P, VS7100, VS8401 and the VS8801 Server. Is it compatible with the VS8100-v2? Thanks in advance.
  • Yes, these video servers are supported by SecuritySpy (you'll find a full list in the Appendix section of our SecuritySpy Installation Manual).

    However, analog cameras provide very poor resolution by today's standards, and I would strongly recommend considering replacing the cameras with modern high-resolution IP cameras. Otherwise you're spending significant money on video servers to get very mediocre quality video.

    My other comment would be to make sure to get a video server that supports H.264 format video, for efficient file sizes. This means the VS8401 or VS8801 if you're going for Vivotek. Axis also has a good rage of video servers that work well with SecuritySpy: Axis video servers.
  • Thank you VERY much. Always helpful and a pleasure.

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