Security Spy Monitoring
  • I have 2 licensed SS installations. I use a third unlicensed installation to aggregate and view cameras from the other 2. Is there a way that audible motion alarms from the 2 licensed SS installations can be heard on the 3rd machine ? If not, is there some other method to transmit said audibles to a location removed from the 2 licensed servers ? Thank You.
  • Perhaps I misunderstood, but I though that an unlicensed SS implementation could be used to view licensed systems. If that is not the intent, I would ask if there is a method via which alarms (audibles for now) could be transmitted to some remote site (away from, in this case) my 2 licensed implementations of SS. (Yes, I know I could mike them to an intercom but that's not what I was hoping :). Thank You.
  • An unlicensed SecuritySpy instance is indeed designed for viewing licensed systems, but for live video only. Sounding an alarm is an Action, and Actions cannot be armed on an unlicensed instance.

    Are the Macs in question on the same local network (i.e. connected by WiFi or Ethernet)? If so, then it would be easy to create an AppleScript to do what you want. If they are not on the same local network then it's not going to be easy to work out a way to do this. Let me know and I can provide further details.

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