v4.2.10 Update - Won't open previous camera layout
  • Just updated to 4.2.10 and on startup it opens the All Camera dialog/grid but does not open the cameras as previously 'laid out' say you have only 2 cameras open in a large view window.
    This is also true if you have a Group Video Window.

    Seems like a bug, since all the previous versions did this as described.

    Anyone else have this issue as well? Or am I missing something?

    Also, while digging into this, I don't see a way to export any config for SS or any cameras. Am I missing this too?
  • Same problem here with v4.2.10, with some more details.

    At first I thought the problem was SS just didn't remember/reopen ANY windows (like not using any Saved Application State). But it seems the problem is only with not reopening any video windows (in my case, usually a Group Video Window). I.e., if I had the Camera Info window open when last quitting, SS WILL reopen that window the next time it opens.

    Also, now when I open SS v4.2.10, on a system where the only open window on last quit was a Group Video Window, SS opens with NO window displayed at all, sometimes making me think SS didn't actually open (if I didn't notice its name in the menu bar). In that case, when I then try to reopen SS (while it's actually already open, but showing no windows), THEN it opens the All Cameras window (which was not the Group Video Window I was using when I last quit SS).

    Just for testing, I've now tried quitting with only an Individual Camera Video Window open, too. Same issue: it won't reopen any camera window after quitting and then reopening SS. So, the problem is with any video window, not just Group ones.

    This is clearly a regression in v4.2.10.
  • There does indeed seem to be a problem specifically with version 4.2.10 not remembering which Group windows are open across restarts.

    Sorry about this. I'll make sure this is fixed in the next update. For now, you can easily open Group windows using the keyboard shortcuts Cmd-1, Cmd-2 etc.
  • Unfortunately this is a pain, as I now have customers calling up asking why when they get up in the morning their normal "group" screens aren't showing. So not only has the groups stopped auto opening, I have a people complaining that the software is restarting randomly over night since 4.2.10 update

  • This fix is now in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.2.11b3) so please direct your customers to this. We'll get this out as a proper release ASAP. If you see any random restarting with this beta version, pelase email us and we'll investigate.
  • Hi Ben
    Thanks, I have now installed on 3 different clients systems. I will know tomorrow whether this has fixed the restart and group window issues


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