Honeywell HBD3PR1 Compatibility?
  • Hello,

    Has anyone tested a Honeywell security camera with SecuritySpy? Specifically a HBD3PR1 model?

    A project has been dumped in my lap that requires configuration access to several of these units. I can see the IP addresses with an IP monitoring tool, but thats it. No direct ability to access via SecuritySpy (manually or via ONVIF) or a variety of browsers. Sadly, the poorly written instructions only discuss use with the Windows platform, Honeywells Config Tool software, or a recommended NVR. If I have to drag out an old Windows laptop just to reset the IP configurations, I can, but it sure would save time if someone smarter than me has already tried any/all of this.

    BTW, the reason that this person wants to chuck their previous NVR is because it lasted barely over the warranty period AND they were amazed at how easy SecuritySpy was to use when I demonstrated my system. This isn't the first time that a similar scenario has played out this way. Too bad Ben doesn't have a commission sales option!

    Dr. Z.
  • Hi Dr Z,

    This camera's specifications sheet does state ONVIF compatibility, so it should work with SecuritySpy. Additionally, I can't be sure, but these look very much like re-branded Dahua Technology bullet cameras, in which case they will definitely be compatible.

    The problem with Dahua cameras, in terms of setup, is that they come pre-set with a fixed static IP address of, rather than DHCP. With DHCP, a camera can automatically obtain an IP address that is compatible with your network, but with a fixed IP, it may not be compatible with your network and you may have to change it.

    So, if your network uses IP addresses that start with anything other than 192.168.1 (check your Mac's network settings to determine this), you will have to follow the "Cameras with a fixed address by default" instructions in our manual section Connecting to a Camera Over Ethernet.

    Does this resolve the problem?

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