SoundDescCreator - 32bit
  • I noticed that the SoundDescCreator executable that is part of SecuritySpy is i386:

    $ file /Applications/
    /Applications/ Mach-O executable i386

    Will an update be coming soon that provides an x86_64 slice for this executable?
  • Sound Descriptions are small data structures that need to be written to recorded movie files to describe the sound format. On macOS systems below 10.10, the only way to do this is via Apple's older 32-bit QuickTime APIs, which is why you are seeing this "SoundDescCreator" 32-bit tool in SecuritySpy's executable bundle.

    On macOS 10.10 and newer, SecuritySpy uses modern 64-bit APIs to create Sound Descriptions, however we do still need to include this 32-bit tool in order to support older macOS system versions.

    Currently, we are bundling the 32-bit executable as-is, but this can apparently trigger some system-generated warnings on macOS 10.4, so in the next update to SecuritySpy we're going to bundle a zipped version of this executable to avoid these warnings.

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